E skip event on Friday afternoon 7/22/11

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E skip event on Friday afternoon 7/22/11

Post by Shane »

Around 5pm CDT, received KUER from Salt Lake City quite clearly on 90.1 MHz while driving around. At 5:06pm a Georgia Public Broadcasting station came in long enough to hear a partial weather report. Didn't get an ID but the only station that appears to fit the description is WXVS in Waycross.

There was one time they were carrying the same program and they changed places. The audio on one was a second behind the other - don't remember which one. Supposing the difference was due to processing/HD delays since the signal sources were almost equidistant.

A CCM station was received from time to time but never long enough to get an ID. Either the CCM station or a 4th station had an underwriting announcment for a business on Highway 85 but that didn't help me identify it after the fact.

KUER was pretty solid for most of an hour and then some. I didn't tune off 90.1 because I kept hoping to get some IDs on the other stations but no luck. So I probably missed some other good stuff.

Anybody hear anything elsewhere Friday? Wondered what 2 and 6 meters were up to.

Also I checked weather radar for the day and found that during the event there was pretty strong thunderstorm activity in Eastern Colorado, about halfway between me and Salt Lake City. There were also storms in Eastern Kentucky and adjacent states which might explain the GPB reception which popped up a couple more times but then disappeared behind KUER. (There was an article in a ham magazine many years ago about a theory that high-topped thunderstorms might be a cause of E-layer ionization.)

Great fun for an afternoon.

(edited to put the part about the stations "changing places" in its proper "place.")
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Re: E skip event on Friday afternoon 7/22/11

Post by awsherrill »

Howdy Mike!

Here in Raleigh NC, I have encountered a number of e-skip events beginning in early June. Usually what we get here comes from the upper Midwest or Texas.

I didn't hear anything on Friday the 22nd (too busy working), but I did hear a very intriguing signal on the way home from work Thursday evening the 21st. There was a station that faded in for a few minutes on 92.9, with a very lush-sounding piece of music. The musical style and language sounded vaguely Middle Eastern (it most definitely did not sound like Mexican music or Spanish language). Unfortunately it faded out before I heard any kind of ID.

Otherwise, during various openings this summer I have heard stations in the DFW-Waco area of Texas, at least one in Arkansas, one in Watertown SD, one in Hannibal MO, and one of the MPR stations in Minneapolis. A couple of years ago I picked up a station in Grand Marais MN and another in Wichita KS.

Usually my catches are on 92.1, 92.9, or 95.3-95.5, since we don't have locals on those frequencies. Anytime you hear a K-call around here, you know the e-skip is in!
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Re: E skip event on Friday afternoon 7/22/11

Post by w9wi »

Strangely enough I can't find anything about this on the WTFDA site (http://www.wtfda.info) but I'm pretty sure some DX was reported on the 21st. Unfortunately not by me...

I've missed most of the openings this summer. Had about an hour of upper New England & New Brunswick back in early June, then stuff along the Rio Grande Valley (both sides of the border) for about two hours two weeks ago. And KGGO Des Moines was in for a few hours on tropospheric propagation two weeks ago. (couldn't land anything else, not even WOLX which I can usually coax out of the mess with a few hours of listening this time of year)

Anyone who still has an outdoor TV antenna should be checking channels 2-6 both analog & digital from time to time. With all the full-power analogs gone in the U.S., there has been some pretty impressive DX reported down here. Analog LPTVs in Naples, Florida (channel 2) and near Tuscaloosa, Alabama (channel 3) have been widely reported. Lots of Canadian and Mexican signals being seen, even in places further from the border than normally result in Es reception. Venezuela has been reported fairly frequently in New England.

The few low-band VHF digitals are also being fairly widely reported. WBRA channel 3 in Roanoke, KNOP-2 & KOTA-2 in Nebraska & South Dakota. Channel 6 in Tuscaloosa. The only full-power DTV operating on channel 4, WHBF in the Quad Cities. Even the low-power digital stations have gotten into the mix, with a number of people reporting WKOB-LD channel 2, NYC. (I've heard their pilot carrier on 54.31 on the mobile ham rig) LP digital channel 4 in Tucson has also been reported via skip.

We've got just over a month to analog closedown deadline for Canada. Some stations have reportedly already converted, and others are expected to convert during the month of August. A number of stations plan to flash-cut on low-band VHF channels; channel 6 in Ottawa, and channel 2 stations in Thunder Bay and Lloydminster are expected to be among them. It should be noted that conversion is not required for transmitters outside "mandatory markets". In other words, many Canadian analog transmitters will remain on the air past September 1st. (whether the owners will bother to maintain them should they break down is another question) "Mandatory markets" are the thirteen provincial & territorial capitals, Ottawa, and any market with two or more stations that originate programming.
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Re: E skip event on Friday afternoon 7/22/11

Post by NECRAT »

w9wi wrote: And KGGO Des Moines was in for a few hours on tropospheric propagation two weeks ago. (couldn't land anything else, not even WOLX which I can usually coax out of the mess with a few hours of listening this time of year)
I've had KGGO here in Rhode Island via ESkip before myself.
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