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Politics, etc

Post by BroadcastDoc »

Hello all!

Politics is a funny thing. It brings out the passion in all of us, and can turn people who are otherwise cordial into fighters!

One of the things I love about our community here is that we all enjoy exchanging tips, war stories, and other fun stuff regarding the profession we love so much.

I had a friend of the community mention that he may be leaving us due to a political argument that got moderated. I was concerned to hear that, especially since the whole discussion really didn't belong here in the first place, since it had nothing to do with engineering.

In the future, let's avoid discussing those sorts of inflammatory thing here. There are millions of other places where you can discuss your political views, but there are very few places to discuss engineering. I don't want to lose a single person!

Remember - no matter how different we are, we all share a common bond.
Christopher "Doc" Tarr CSRE, DRB, AMD, CBNE
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Re: Politics, etc

Post by NECRAT »

Just a reminder, we wish to keep politics off this forum. Obvious FCC discussions would be considered the exception.

As Doc said, we are an engineering forum, not a political one.

This includes in your signature, profile, etc.

Mike Fitzpatrick
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Boston area.
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