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Post by K9EZ »

Fun to listen to AM during power up times.

1110 WBT here, has a very average signal here, about 115 miles to the east. You would think they would pound in.

1110 is a very interesting frequency, as both WBT and KFAB go omni at the same time: Charlotte Sunrise.

This morning at sunrise, KFAB over took WBT on most of my drive in.
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Re: 1110

Post by Shane »

Something in part due to the ground conductivity in your part of the world, Kent. Or so I think.

Driving toward Nashville in 1985, I noticed that WSM's signal was pretty puny as close in as 50 or 60 miles away in S. Ky. The ground conductivity under KFAB probably gives it a head start toward you! But at your location, you would be getting only skip from KFAB and might be getting both skip and ground wave from WBT, maybe arriving out of phase.

'Sfunny. The picture was somewhat prettier at a point between the two one early morning. It was the dead of summer in Evansville, Indiana, several years later and I tuned in to 1110 to see what would happen when they both went non-D at the same time. I heard them both come in, though weakly, and over the next 15 minutes they ever so gradually both disappeared.

On that 1985 trip I was driving around in Nashville at evening and was able to hear KFAB after WBT went DA for most of the ensuing hour although the signal was extremely rough and difficult to listen to, although identifiable. I am assuming that 'BT does indeed go DA at local sunset and not at Omaha sunset.

WBT's skip signal always peeled the paint at night in N.J.
Mike Shane, CBRE
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